Multi Store Model


Multi Store Model


  • Researchers agree that the short term memory and long term memory are two distinct stores with supporting research showing information needs rehearsal and both stores have different capacity and duration.
  • The model was the first to provide a testable basis for further research into memory. This is done through various methods with much research agreeing on the MSM and its principles.
  • Much evidence comes from lab studies meaning they are reliable and can be replicated. Therefore we can trust it making the model more valid.


  • The model appears too simple to explain the entirety of human memory as each store is very complex to be approached by a single idea.
  • The role of rehearsal cannot be enough to lead to duration of long term memory as shown by studies such as Clive Wearing whose short term memory damage prevented him from rehearsal.
  • While the model explores how much we can remember it doesn't give much focus to what types of memory we can remember giving an incomplete model of memory.
  • The artificial setting of a lab is used in much research surrounding the model. Cannot be sure behaviour seen is reflective of true life.


To conclude, the multi-store model has much evidence to support it such as Jacobs and Peterson and Peterson and provides a basis for research such as the Working Memory Model however it is reductionist and doesn't give an insight into all components.


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