Mozambique Flood 2000 Case Study

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  • Mozambique is in the Southeast of Africa, South-eastern hemisphere.
  • On the coast of Africa but also, bordering South Africa, Zimbabwe and Tanzania. Tanzania is to the North of Mozambique.
  • The capital is Maputo.
  • To the East is the Mozambique Channel and Madagascar. The Indian Ocean is to the Northeast.
  • The Comoros is Northeast of Mozambique.
  • It is 0m-500m above sea level.
  • The tropic of Capricorn passes through the lower region of the country.
  • Has many large rivers and is mainly low land.
  • 1163mm of rainfall which was higher than usual.
  • A cyclone hit Mozambique which increased rainfall.
  • Some farming and building methods made the flood worse.
  • Eight metre high wave rushed down from Limpopo and Incomati rivers in Mozambique.
  • Flood water had nowhere to go.
  • The cyclone was named Elene. It came a day after the flood water on the 21st February. Flood water came on the 20th February.
  • The giant Karibo Dam was opened and flowed down into Mozambique from Zimbabwe.
  • Huge areas were urban areas. It was a deforested area so water just flew through.
  • Porous ground and vegetation was cleared before the flood. A natural sponge was destroyed meaning the streams overflowed fast.



  • Telephone lines were cut off.
  • Destroyed roads.
  • People died.
  • People drank polluted water and caught cholera.
  • People stranded on trees and higher ground.
  • 600 schools ruined.
  • 300 000 people lost their homes.
  • 100 000 hectares of farm land was flooded.
  • Government estimated £175 million would be needed to rebuild the 620 miles of roads and railways that were swept away.
  • There were no warnings.
  • 14 000 people were airlifted to safety.
  • Mozambique Red Cross set up education to help people respond to floods and gave out wind up radios.
  • Rebuild high-tech equipment to help monitor and detect floods and rainfall. This was an EU funded project.
  • France sent a five person team and 10 tonnes of medical equipment. Italy provided £3.3 million.
  • The UN appealed for £9.1 million in emergency aid for Mozambique and Britain cancelled debts, gave them £5.8 million and boats and helicopters went in with rescue workers.
  • Japan provided tents and equipment.


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