Marxism (Theory) Evaluation Unit 4

Taken from class notes and a revision booklet created by my teacher.

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Marxism (Theory) Evaluation Unit 4


  • A major force in social thought influencing the progress of actual social change
  • Influenced other critical social thinkers e.g. Weber & Feminsits
  • Attempts to link the individual to the structure of society
  • It emphasises socialisation into a capitalist society


  • Classical Marxism sometimes viewed as overly deterministic. Individuals are seen as passive victims of historical circumstance
  • Functionalist - The over-emphasis on conflict; they see strengths in the existence of a value consensus
  • Ignored gender relations in society in favour of social class in its analysis
  • Its metanarrative - recent social changes in the eastern bloc and China have served to undermine classic marxism


Clarifying the differences between Traditional Marxism and Neo-marxism; covering both the humanistic and structuralist versions of modern Marxism. Looking at Gramsci and Althusser as examples of this. Explaining Marx's ideas and how the key concepts have influenced sociologists today and it is also very key to understanding past revolutions and possible future revolutions. Neo-Marxism - The pre-conditions for revolution have to come from all the limbs of society (reference to Parson's organic organism theory) not just the economic level.




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