Local Storage

Advanatages and disadvantages of local storage


Local Storage


  • The user has complete control over access to your files and therefore it is really secure in comparison to an online storage where you don't know where your data is stored and who has access to your data
  • The data can be accessed easily and quickly
  • The user does not require an internet connection to access the document


  • Have to constantly keep back up of data to prevent loss
  • The user is completely responsible for the safety of the data
  • It is more difficult to share your data with others e.g. you need to upload on a hosted server and then either send an email or a link to the intended user
  • Takes up more storage space if you store locally


Local storage is at great advantage because the data is more secure, the user has complete access and an internet connection is not required however in the 21st century the disadvantages of local storage outweigh the benefits. This is because in the world of work people are required to work collaboratively and share the work and therefore it is easier to do this with a hosted storage.


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