Locally Installed Software

Advantages and Disadvantages of locally installed software


Locally Installed Software


  • Does not require internet connection
  • You have total control over your data as it is stored on your computer, so it is more secure
  • You hold the license to the software


  • Takes up storage space
  • It is more difficult to share your data as it is stored orignally on your computer than on a central server
  • You have to back up your data regularly
  • You must download the software, regualrly install upgrade and patches to fix the bugs


This software has many advantages and disadvantages but like other softwares only the customer can decide make the final decision based upon the purpose. For example, a person may decide to use locally installed software if they only need data to be stored on the computer or they may decide to use this software because of the concern of security. However, some may oppose to use this software because it uses storage space or the hassle of having to back up data regularly and having to regularly install upgrades and patches to fix bug. 


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