issues associated with attempts at global governance


issues associated with attempts at global governance


  • Protect/provide human rights. Actors: ICERD, ICESCR, CAT, CEDAW, CRC, UN children's fund, UN women, UN pop fund, UNICEF. Improve quality of life for vulnerable people, achieved millenium development goals. Giving stability.
  • Protection of refugees world wide. Actors: UN high commissioner for refugees, Global humanitarian platform, IOM. First responder to human/environmental disasters around the world. Providing stability.
  • Promote sustainable development economically and socially. Actors: UN environment programme, IMF, UN development programme, World bank, Economic/social council, ECOSOC, UNFCCC, Paris agreement, UNICEF. Establish global environmental norms through legal agreements. Promote understanding of world development issues and inequalities. New goals for 2030. Supports growth.
  • Eradicate/combat spread of world illness. Actors: WHO, UNAIDS, UNFPA, UNICEF. Reduce global mortality rates inc irradiation of small pox + near irradiation of polio. Reduction in tb, aids and malaria. Supports growth safely.
  • Maintain world peace/security. Actors, UN Security council, UN peacekeeping architecture, office for disarmament affairs, DPPA, SPM. Developed/strengthened international relations, no further world conflicts, 170 peaceful un settlements ended regional conflicts. Pos peace keeping missions Africa maintained a fragile peace. supported nuclear disarmament. Providing both a basis for growth and stability.


  • Unrealistic, cant force the government and states to enforce human rights as may be based on religious laws. eg. sharia law, women's rights violated in Saudi Arabia as they're not allowed to drive. (as of 2018 they can). Creating injustice.
  • Resettlement not always achievable. There is displacement of the local pop to accomodate for refugees eg. Darfur, now semi permeant town 2003. Creating injustice.
  • Economic powers are more powerful eg. WTO or USA. Hard to challenge this. eg. S Korea allie = USA, UK, N korea allie = soviet union creates strength and exacerbates inequality in Lics. Agreements in climate change are only slowly realised (too late). Creates injustice and inequality.
  • AIDS does continue to spread across the world mostly in africa, more recently corona virus. Harder to treat as the strain changes increasing the issue. Unrealistic to eradicate eg. ebola, lesser problem but still ongoing. Creates injustice and inequality
  • Powerful military states ignored UN eg. USA, Russia, China. UN only had minor influence on outcome of war eg. Cold war, the UN passed a total of 193 vetoes as a result of the mistrust between the USA and the USSR. The UN was unable to prevent the US invasions of Vietnam and Granada, and the USSR invasions of Afghanistan, Hungary and Czechoslovakia. This supported the realist view that the UN was ineffective at preventing conflict and that there is no supranational authority that wields overwhelming power.. Don't communicate eg. didn't pass on message of genocide in Rawanda as didn't believe its members wanted to hear it. Nuclear armement increase eg. North Korea, Iran. Creates sense of injustice and inequalities.


Overall i believe that the UN has a much larger positive impact on global governance than negative as it looks at continual long-term improvements. Though there are some aspects that are out of their control which can lead on to exacerbate issues.


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