Influence of Hormones and Genes Evaluation

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Influence of Hormones and Genes Evaluation



  • SOCIALLY SENSITIVE - Main issue with claiming that gender is determined by our biology is it tells us there are things men can do that women cant and vice versa. Socially sensitive, as it potentially deprives people of opportunities based on their biological sex.
  • REDUCTIONIST- takes the 'nature' side of the 'nature/nurture' debate.Completely ignores the role of any cultural and psychological factors.
  • DETERMINISTIC- Ignores the role of free will. An individual could go against this, by exerting their free will and show a different behaviour.
  • SUPPORTED BY MONEY AND ERHARDT- The case of David Reimer.


Evaluation of DR- Conclusions should be drawn with caution, as it is UNGENERALISABLE, as David Reimer was only one person, so cannot be retested.Further research to support genes and hormones- Reiner and Gearhart - studies 16 genetic males with nearly no penis. Two raised as females and remained males. The other 14, were raised as females. 8 of these reassigned themselves as male by the age of 16. Such research suggests that biological factors have a key role in gender development. 


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