imperialism was when a strong nation/power/country took control over the weaker area either for economy, political or social.

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  • White Man Burden (Social Darwinist Belief)
  • Survival Of The Fittest - nation needed to continue their expansionist or else they will fall from the rank of the great power.
  • Scientific and Technologies - construction of railways and steamship, electric telegraph, quinine.
  • Find New Raw Material For Their Factories - cotton from India and Egypt, rubber from Congo and the Amazon, oil from Dutch East Indies.
  • Find New Market For Their Factories - France found Indo-china & Britain found market for her textiles in Siam and China
  • To Find Outlets Of Investment For Their Surplus Capital
  • Prestige and National Pride - French occupying Tunis
  • Popular Nationlism


  • The rise of White Man Burden - humanitarian activity quickened
  • The rise in the Survival of the fittest in Europe
  • They gained valuable raw materials
  • They found new market for their industrial goods
  • They found lucrative outlets to re-invest their surplus capital
  • Some suffered costly colonial administration - Java War
  • It led to the collapse of some colonial government in Europe
  • It acted as a safety valve and delayed European war

Overall summary

The new imperialism was more about economic and political reasons rather than social reason.


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