Explain why US foreign policy, during the 1890s, moved away from isolationism.

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Explain why US foreign policy, during the 1890s, m

  • the geographical location of Hawaii, Cuba and other islands in relation to the USA and its sphere of influence
  • the expansion of the USA politically to rival other nations
  • influence of Mahon’s book on the navy

  • the influence of Roosevelt
  • the financial reasons – investment in Hawaii, Cuba etc by business

  • specific incidents such as the sinking of the Maine in 1898
  • influence of the Yellow Press on President McKinley

 Remember the most important reason was how trade and financial reasons compelled the President to move away from Isolationism.

to move away from isolationism.

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Theodore Roosevelt & the development of American i

How important was President Theodore Roosevelt to the development of American imperialism in the years 1890 to 1914?

very important

President Roosevelt’s early career as Rough Rider

President Roosevelt developed Imperialism through policies such as Open Door and his Corollary

Roosevelt and his actions in Columbia and Panama

President Roosevelt’s firm belief in Imperialism and his attempts to influence other Presidents.

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Non importance of Roosevelt and imperialism

non importance

Theodore Roosevelt did not come to prominence until 1897 and President Grover Cleveland was responsible for some early actions connected to Hawaii

President McKinley went to war against Spain in 1898 and took over Cuba and the

Philippines and Guam

President Taft believed in Dollar Diplomacy which was an economic form of Imperialism

President Wilson and his interest in the affairs of Mexico/Latin America

end of the Frontier and the search for markets.

Key point!

President Theodore Roosevelt was very important to the development of American imperialism in the years 1890 to 1914 because of both his beliefs and actions

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