The Everlasting God

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  • Everlasting God
    • Always exists without end BUT time does pass
    • Swinburne supports this, arguing it fits with biblical description
      • rejects idea of time being simultaneous to God
    • Doesnt remove the power of God, still exists without end at all points in time, just not timelessly
    • Wolterstoff - Gods actions in the bible indicate reaction to human action, suggesting time passes
      • Secondly God's omniscience cannot include know a future that does not yet exist - so his knowledge increases as future happens
    • Bible i.e god helping joshua suggests god acts in time so is everlasting
      • God can only be seen as a saviour/ redeemer if he is everlasting, Wolterstoff: We worship god because of what he does within time
    • Christian belief in god's eternity tells us as much about what god is not as what god is


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