Tinie Tempah

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  • Tinie Tempah - Trampoline
    • Genre
      • Rap
        • fast paced montage of images
        • direct address
        • Hoodies
        • Chains / 'bling' = (money success)
          • The horse = nobility / power
          • 2chainz
        • Voyeuristic representation of women
          • close up of body shots
      • Subverting Rap genre
        • white rabbit
        • tea
    • Narrative
      • Trampoline
        • CONCEPT
          • Beat lots with the shots/ pace of the video
          • movement with visuals
          • mirroring of the beat e.g. bouncing balls hitting the floor at the same time as the beat
          • direct address from the artist
          • Star image motif = close up of the artist
          • elements of performance based
          • use of colour
          • Montage
    • Representation
      • Trampoline
        • Women
          • Objectification
            • minimum clothing
            • close up of body sots, not face e.g dancer shaking her bum
            • Catwalk - object to look at
            • Voyeurism
            • women  being instructed e.g. echoing to orders, close ups of women lips whispering 'shake'.
              • imparatives =  'jump' 'bounce'
            • all women presented with the 'prefect' body = unrealistic
          • Positioning
            • positioned below Tinie Tempah - less important / less powerful
            • women have no identity -seen as on person = Presented within the frame (mis-en-scene) = eyes or face
    • Industry
      • Regulation / media censorship / piracy / illegal sites and streaming
        • He is against regulation
        • "Just move on with the times, stop trying to block people from doing things. It all works, for us this is probably the biggest form of promo."
        • he believes that fans paying for an event should be allowed to film
    • Audience
      • Young demographic
        • Fans of rap genre
          • University students
            • low budget gigs at university venues
            • free online streaming for them to get access of at no cost
            • Educated  to a high degree
      • Uses SOCIAL MEDIA to connect with his fans
        • Blog 'milkand2sugars'
          • makes him more accessible to his fans
        • VEVO channel
        • Myspace
        • Twitter
        • Free online streaming
      • Wants to promote a British appel to his audience
        • ran a competition on his blog to win an afternoon tea with him to celebrate his signing, at 'Claridges' (very British)


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