fish farming


fish farming


  • The fish cannot escape
  • Less transport costs as fish farms are closer to transport links and markets
  • Fish are protected from predators
  • Other competing species cannot enter farm
  • Indoor farmed fish are protected from the changes in weather
  • Wild fish stocks are not reduced
  • Fish can be produced in higher quantities
  • No bycatch


  • There may be more diseases as the fish live so close and are selectively bred
  • Fish may be fed pellets made from less valuable fish meaning that other fish have a reduced food supply
  • In outdoor farms drugs used can pollute the water
  • Sterile water , pesticides and antibodies many be used to control diseases
  • The cost of setting up a fish farm can be expensive
  • Running costs are expensive
  • Fish cannot escape


There are many advantages and disadvantages to fish farming can be seen as both good and bad 


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