Durkeheim 1895 explanation for crime and deviance


Durkeheim 1895 explanation for crime and deviance


  • Crime and Deviance are necessary for society to function adequately.
  • Anomie, the result of mass migration, means people enter into a state of normlessness and are unaware of the norms and values of a society and so they commit crime as a result.


  • Crime provides jobs to those in the police force/prison service/ criminal justice system and judges.
  • Informs the government when something is wrong, allowing them to introduce new legislation to minimise the situation.
  • Deviance allows people to let of steam in a non-violent way. Fpr example, goth cultures.

Overall summary

Crime and deviance, which are caused by anomie, are needed for society to function well as it keeps the unemployment rate down and deviance helps people to let of steam. 


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