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  • Detente
    • Salt 1
      • An important agreement between the USA and USSR during detente
      • signed in May 1972
      • Treaty was the rsult of difficult negotiations between the USSR and USA
      • 1) The Anti- Ballistic Missile Treaty
        • each site can have a maximum of 100 missiles
      • 2) The Interim Treaty
        • each country could only have 1054 ICBMs and 740 SLBMs
      • 3) The Basic Principles
        • avoid nuclear war
        • Nuclear war could not be avoided
        • Salt 1 had significant impact on international relations between the USSR and USA
          • wanted to read agreement
    • The Helsinki Accords 1975
      • Human rights
        • Respect human rights
        • Individual freedoms
        • Free speech, religion and movement across Europe
      • International co-operation
        • work for closer relations between Western and Soviet countries
        • trade agreements/ technology exchanges
        • Joint space mission
      • European borders
        • inviolable
        • cannot be altered  by force
    • Detente
      • needed to avoid nuclear war
      • Americans wanted the USA to take less action in international affairs
      • The USA wanted to follow a policy of detente in 1968 because Richard Nixon was elected president
        • wanted to take America out of the Vietnam war
        • $60,000
        • soldiers died
      • Both wanted detente because chancellor of West Germany wanted to improve relations between them
      • USSR wanted to follow detente because they were faced with economic problems
        • spend less money on weapons and devote money to improving life
        • improve relations with the USA
    • Salt 2
      • President Carter (USA) and President Brezhnev (USSR) signed an agreement
        • restrictions on missile launchers and strategic bombers
          • ban on testing new ICBMs
      • 1) The USA believed that the USSR government could not be trusted
      • 2) November 1979 - Islamic militants captured the American embassy in Tehran
      • 3) Zbigniew Brezeinski called for a stronger stance to be taken against the USSR
      • 4) December 1979 USSR invaded Afghanistan and ended detente


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