Cuban missile crisis

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Cuban missile crisis


  • The arms race-causes fear and suspicion
  • Creation of NATO-Berlin Blockade
  • Hungarian uprising
  • U2 plane shot down
  • Cuba-Batista pro American, America brought Cuba's supplies, Castro took over Cuba
  • Castro shut down all American businesses, America retaliated by refusing to buy Cuba's supplies.
  • Russia agreed to pay Cuba 1960 Russia signed an agreement to buy 1 million tonnes of sugar a year
  • Castro favours Communism (Cuba is 90 miles from America)
  • Khrushchev was confident over JFK
  • JFK looks even weaker after the bay of pigs.


  • Events/results
  • Castro got worried as Americans tried to overthrow him
  • He turns to Russia who says "I'll give you everything you need-men, weapons" and flood into Cuba.
  • Within months became the best equipped army in Latin America
  • Castro now becomes Communists
  • All weapons in Cuba were defensive, they only stopped Americans coming to Cuba from America.
  • JFK realised he didn't want to invade Cuba until the 14/10/62, US spys planes flew over Cuba taking pictures, realising Russians were buildingnuclear missile bases in Cuba
  • This means that all American cities could be wiped out by nuclear weapons. All American defences were on the East and West, Cuba is on the South.
  • Nuclear weapons were ready in November.
  • As soon as JFK knew about this he got together a committee of advisors;
  • Their options were to bomb Cuba, invade Cuba, air strike against Cuba or blockade Cuba or do nothing
  • JFK decides to build a naval blockade around Cuba or quarantine round Cuba
  • American forces put on highest alert with bombers ready.
  • Khrushchev send ships to Cuba
  • Kennedy puts a quarrentine around Cuba
  • Armed forces are put on the highest alert
  • Closest the world has ever come to being wiped out.
  • JFK asks Khrushchev to remove missiles from Cuba
  • Khrushchev pushes Kennedy. Khrushchev says to Kennedy "if you don't invade Cuba, we'll shut down nuclear weapons"
  • Hawks(fighting) Doves (piece)
  • U2 spy plane shot down
  • 2nd letter says "remove blockade and nuclear weapons in Turkey and then we'll remove our nuclear bombs"
  • Bobby Kennedy tells JFK to accept the1st letter (in secret he agrees to remove missiles from Turkey)

Overall summary


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