Case Studies


Case Studdies


  • Case studies provide detailed information about individuals rather than collecting just a score on a test from a person
  • Case studies record behaviour over time so changes in behaviour can be seen.
  • A single case study that shows us that a theory is not correct is very useful. it will encourage researchers to change the theory and make it more accurate.


  • The data collected can be very subjective. The method relies on the individual who is being studied remembering events and these memories might not be accurate or reliable. Also, the interpretations made by the psychologist could be biased and therefore the content of the case study might be unreliable.
  • The information from the case study cannot be applied to anyone else because it is unique.
  • there are ethical issues, especially of confidentiality, right to withdraw and protection from harm. The last might occur because very often the person being studied is someone who is suffering from psychological problems. This means they could be vulnerable.


There are advantages and disadvantages of case studies.


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