• Quiet
  • Intelligent
  • Sweet
  • Not very beautiful, but used to be
  • Main character
  • Woman
  • 27
  • Very likable woman of the Regency Era

Development (Growth & change)

Other information              

  • A very quit person at Kellynch Hall who is ignored by her Father and Sister
  • Becomes more important at Uppercross and people appreciate her company much more
  • Becomes slightly awkward as Captain Wentworth appears due to their old romance 7 years ago
  • Becomes the more responsible person in Lyme as she is the only one who manages to keep it together when Louisa falls
  • Is not missed very much in Bath, but is still pleasant company
  • Develops a friendly relationship with Captain Wentworth after the accident and the spend a little time together in Bath
  • Finally find her true love in Bath when Captain Wentworth expresses his love for her
  • Sir Walter is father
  • No warm relationship with older sister Elizabeth
  • Lady Russell is her best friend
  • She knows her younger sister Mary is annoying
  • Very liked at Uppercross
  • Mother Lady Elliot is dead but she misses her a lot becuase theyhad a very good relationship
  • She loves Captain Wentworth
  • She likes the country; hates Bath
  • She plays piano for her own pleasure


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