Wuthering Heights Quotes

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  • Wuthering Heights Quotes
    • Degraded state and willingness to be put right
      • Heathcliff referred to as "it"
        • degrading and inhumane tone created towards Heathcliff created through Brontes use of diction
      •  “Nelly, make me decent, I’m going to be good.” 
        • "he wanted to be presentable"
          • not presentable before - link to context and the importance of your outer appearance - a reflection of wealth and class/status
    • Heathcliffs revenge by Hareton's degradation
      • “I can sympathise with all his feelings, having felt them myself – I know what he suffers now...”
        • revenge - like in Gatsby (Wilson to Gatsby)
      • good things lost amongst a wilderness of weeds
        • Metaphoric and naturalistic imagery could suggest the growth of the pain
    • Heathcliff Quotes
      • "dark gypsy"
        • Dark imagery related to that of the devil - also connoted negative imagery
          • Emphasised "lonely like the devil" and "selfish, unchristian"
      • "gnashed" "savage beast" "foamed like a mad dog"
        • Animalistic imagery emphasises how much of an outcast Heathcliff is presented to be by Bronte
          • Dogs used for work and not kept as pets- showing how Heathcliff is not really part of the family as a pet would be now in the 21st century
        • Black ram in Othello
      • A bird of bad omen
        • "omen" suggests fate and not religion - Darwinism - seen as supernatural - gothic genre
    • Love for Catherine
      • "immortal love"
        • Heathcliffs despertion to see cathy after shes dead
      • "he couldnt love as much in eighty years, as i could in a day"
        • time mentioned - idea of love affecting time -- her love with Linton for a whole lifetime would be as much as her love heathcliff would give her in a day
      • "i cannt live without my life, i cannot live without my soul"
        • repetition of "i cannot" emphasises the lifelessnes without love
          • "i wont rest until you are with me.. i never will"
            • Emphasis on restlessnss and the supernatural tone of the gothic novel - deep love - wanting to do the impossible


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