Wuthering Heights

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Wuthering Heights - Themes- Race

 Race -

Hindley's obsession with Heathcliff being a Gypsie

The horse dealer sussing Heathcliff is of Gypsie blood.


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Wuthering heights -Theme- Betrayal

Betrayal -

•When Cathy Marries Edgar - leaving Heathcliff

•When Isabella runs off with Heathcliff and Edgar disowns her.

•When young Cathy violates Edgar's prohibition against leaving the grounds of Thrushcross Grange.

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Wuthering Heights - Theme- Revenge


 Revenge -

  First part of the book Heathcliff is accused of plotting/ Second half Heathcliff sets to do wrong by those who did him wrong.


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Wuthering Heights- Themes - Supernatural


• When the ghost of Catherine Linton attempts to come into Wuthering Heights through the window.

• The moors, the people, and Wuthering Heights itself are all infused with supernatural elements so that we have much more than your conventional haunted house.

• As a child, Heathcliff is teased by others for being a dark and unnatural representative of the supernatural (e.g. an "imp of Satan"). And late in the novel, Nelly wonders whether he is a ghoul or a vampire, before dismissing the thought.

•The supernatural vibe extend to the moors and surrounding village, all of which seem to be touched by something sinister.

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Wuthering Heights - Themes- Love


Catherine and Heathcliff ( The Focus of the love plots)

Catherine and Edgar Linton

Cathie Heathcliff and Hareton Earnshaw


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Wuthering Heights - Themes- Family



Either an Earnshaw or Linton ( or both)

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