Writing to Explain

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  • Writing to explain
    • Begin with a general statement to introduce the topic - then follow a logical sequence
      • Explanations are logical so aim for a clear sequence - chronological order is good!
    • Give the facts - 5 Ws and 1 H but you also need to expand on the facts to help your reader to understand your points
      • Who What Where When Why and How
    • Often it is useful to include a question near the startto engage the reader - make them want to find out what you have to explain
      • You may address the reader directly - as though you are talking to them.
    • Often they are written in the present tense and may be fairly informal (probably first person) or very formal (best to use third person)
      • Clear and balanced language using connectives to direct the reader.
        • because…above all else…another reason…although…nevertheless…the most important part…


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