Writing to Describe

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  • Writing to Describe
    • Use the senses to create a clear impression
      • Sight, Smell, Sound, Touch, Taste.
    • Maybe write your description from the point of view of an observer... whose identity you reveal at the end.
      • e.g. a mannequin in a shopping centre, a tree in the countryside, a clock in a train-station
    • Vary the way you describe - take your reader on a journey of the place, person or event.
      • Avoid  listing the things you are describing - take one image and describe it in detail using a variety of  techniques
    • Include these devices: similes, metaphors, onomatopoeia, alliteration, personification, rule of three.
    • Don't be afraid to focus upon just one aspect and then really go to town in your description
      • You get marks for saying a lot about a little, not a little about a lot!


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