World War One- How did it start?

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  • World War One- How did it start?
    • Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand
      • Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand was next in line for the Austrian throne.
      • In June 1914, he was killed by a Serbian extremist, Gavrilo Princip, a member of the Black hand terrorist gang.
      • Serbians were upset by how they were being treated in Bosnia which had previously been part of Serbia but was now part of Austria.
      • The assassination led to Austria-Hungary declaring war on Serbia which triggered a response from the rest of Europe.
    • Alliances
      • Russia had an agreement that they would offer Serbia support if they went to war.
      • Germany had an agreement to support Austria-Hungary if they went to war.
      • Britain and France had agreed to support Russia if they were to go to war.
      • Many countries were drawn into the war due to previous alliances and agreements that had been made.
      • in 1882, Germany, Austria and Italy formed an alliance called The Triple Alliance or The Central Powers. In 1915 Italy switched sides.
      • France, Russia and Britain formed the Triple Entente in 1907 but by 1917, Russia dropped out and were replaced by the US.
    • Arms Race
      • Britain and Germany had a long history of tension.
      • Britain had built a new ship called the Dreadnought which led to Germany creating their own version.
      • The competition for the best and most powerful navy was called the Arms Race.
      • The arms race made both side paranoid that the other was preparing for a war.
    • Empire
      • The British Empire was the largest empire held by a European country.
      • Germany had ambitions to be as large and as powerful as the British Empire.
      • Many other European countries also wanted to expand their empires and become more powerful.


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