World Development

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  • World Development
    • The development gap
      • Economic Indicators
        • GNI- Gross National Income
          • All the money earned by a country each year, divided by the nos. of people
          • Disadvantage
            • Some countries are expanding rapidly
            • A wealthy country may not be developed socially (lack of basic eg clean water). Saudi Arabia.
            • Wealth may not be distributed evenly.
      • Social Inidcators
        • Use the social welfare & quality of life of a pop. to identify a country's level of development
          • Life expectancy-Nos of years a person is expected to live on av. of birth
          • Adult Literacy- The % of people aged 15> who can read & write.
          • Nos. of people per doctor- Total pop. divided nos of doctors.
      • Combo of social & economic factors.
        • HDI- Human Development Index
          • A measure of development which has combined measures of wealth,health & education: mixing social & economic
          • Units- a nos. between 0 & 1
          • Includes adult literacy, life expectancy & GDP per person
          • Disadvantage Too much emphasis on wealth & freedom of speech should be included
        • How effective are the three?
          • Economic indicators- GNI good for telling us roughly whether a country is rich or not.
            • Disadvantage Wrongly assumes that everyone has equal share in its wealth in the country
          • Social indicator- Averages hide variations in society. Good for adult literacy but hides the fact that boys go to school than  girls
          • Only using one indcator
            • Farmers grow food for people in their country & are well fed. However farmers could export all the food and so the local people starve
          • HDI has advantages
            • Includes both social & economic factors.
            • Education- shows the country's potential for development
            • Shows how rich countries use their wealth. Oil rich country will have a low HDI


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