Working memory model

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  • The working memory model (1974)
    • Central executive
      • Processes all information and controls slave systems
      • Limited in capacity, can only cope with one piece of info at a time
      • Baddeley (1996) PPs found it difficult to switch between numbers and letters on a keyboard
        • Supports idea of limited capacity and can only cope with one piece of info
      • Little is known about the CE and it is difficult to test
    • Phonological loop
      • Separated into primary acoustic store and articulatory process
      • PAS stores recently-heard words; AP helps with speech production
      • Trojani and Grossi (1995) Case study of SC; brain damage affected functioning of PL but not VSS
        • Suggests PL is a separate system
      • PET scans show separation of slave systems
        • Scientific research
    • Visuo-spatial sketchpad
      • Temporary store for visual and spatial info
        • Navigation of physical environment
      • Klauer and Zhao (2004) More interference with two visual tasks than a visual and spatial
        • Implies separate systems
      • PET scans show separation of slave systems
      • Supported by dual task studies
    • Episodic buffer (2000)
      • General store of information
      • Alkhalifa (2009) Patient with impaired LTM has superior STM
        • Suggests existence of EB
    • KF case study; impaired verbal store but visual store was fine


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