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  • Wolsey's Rise
    • The appointment of Wolsey
      • Wolsey's own abilities
        • Talented and hardworking e.g got a degree at Oxford at 15
        • Quick to recognise opportunity of promotion + a good flatterer
          • Worked with Bishop Fox (one of VII's councillors) - gained experience of gov and observed methods of royal councillors
            • When VIII got crown - realised Henry would break free from mature advisers around him trying to get him to continue his father's policies
              • Wolsey took advantage of this by giving King hat he wanted to hear - approval
        • Proved that in his expedition to France (1513) he could be relied on to ensure King's wishes were met
          • Wolsey took advantage of this by giving King hat he wanted to hear - approval
        • Opportunistic and ambitious e.g becoming Chaplain
      • Other reasons
        • Luck - butcher's son
          • Henry not interested in domestic affairs - wanted war with France
        • Was VII's Chaplain
        • App Dean of Lincoln by Henry VII and sent on diplomatic missions
        • Supported Henry's aggressive policy when advisors went against it - put him in favour
          • When organising the expedition, had title Quartet Master General
        • Prev advisors of the King had been removed e.g Dudley
    • Wolsey's Foreign Policy aims
      • Preserve balance of power in Europe by ensuring neither Charles V of Spain nor Francis became too powerful
      • Humanistic peace - W tried to convince H that he would get honour through maintaining peace
      • Close links with papacy to ensure England retained a significant position in international relations. W wanted to give H status in Europe
      • Serve King's interests
      • Raise his own profile
      • Avoid calling Parliament and raising taxation
    • First French War
      • Wolsey's opportunity to prove himself 1512-13 - volunteered to organise the expeditionary force to France in 1513 - while other advisors warned H against it
        • After failure of prev expedition to France (Ferdinand betrayed) H decided to focus on land around Calais - reduce dependence on allies
          • 1513 Battle of Spurs - great propaganda - British victory over French - H got military glory
          • 1513 Battle of Flodden - victory against Scottish while H was in France
            • Organised by Catherine of Aragon - 10k men killed - destroyed Scottish threat for years
              • humiliating for Henry? or success as now his sister Margaret was heir to Scottish throne?


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