William's knights

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  • William's knights
    • Advantages: devastating charge potential, height advantage to strike downwards in combat.
    • Disadvantage: Horses vulnerable to attack, advantage of charge lost when charging uphill.
    • Shield: kite-shaped, to protect left side and leg.
    • Armour: chain mail. Flaps to cover legs. Conical helmet with nose-piece.
    • Elite skills: years of training to fight on horseback, special manoeuvres.
    • Saddle, stirrups, spurs: the knights' saddles held them tightly in place on their horse so they could use their arms freely.
      • The stirrups allowed them to stand in the saddle for a powerful lance-thrust.
    • Horse: specially bred to be strong enough to carry an armoured knight and trained for battle.
    • Weapons: lance, also javeline, sword, mace.
    • Gonfanon: a battle pennant used for signalling manoeuvres.


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