C1.4 Norman Invasion

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  • 1.4 The Norman Invasion
    • William's leadership.
      • He waited until Harold's fyrd to weaken and then he lured them into following him
      • He was lucky that that he avoided the storms coming over.
      • He was ruthless in burning down houses and pillaging as he went.
      • He was organized because as soon has he landed he marched to Hastings and put of his prefabricated castle
      • He kept his army together and stopped and looked after them and made sure that the didn't to anything wrong.
      • He was ambition and did things that had never been done before.
    • William's Knights
      • Devastating charges
      • Height advantage for the mounted knight to strike downwards in combat.
      • Specially bred horses that were strong and trained for battle.
      • Weapons: lance, javelin, sward, mace
      • Kite shape shield to protect the left leg
    • Harold's Housecarls
      • A displaced shield wall protected the housecarls against arrows and was very hard to break
      • Weapons: javelin, long axe and sword.
      • Shields were usually round, wooden with a metal boss.
      • Housecarls were the best foot soldiers in Europe.
    • Harold's decision to rush down to Hastings does not look like good leadership
      • William guessed what Harold's plans would be and took advantage of this.
    • Harold's fyrdsmen were his ordinary soldiers which he taken on his march south to meet William.
      • William's foot soldiers were a mixture of men from across Normandy and Europe and were ill prepared
    • Harold didn't manage a surprise attack because Williams's scouts found about his advance.
      • Harold's shield wall began to break up because of William's tactical fake retreat.


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