Why were the Conservatives defeated in 1964?

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  • Why were the Conservatives defeated in 1964?
    • Night of the Long Knives
      • Macmillan became paranoid that Lloyd was going to revolt against him so on Friday 13th he sacked 1/3 of cabinet-ruthless and panic-stricken, new people were too late to save Con reputation
    • Strengthened Labour Party
      • Overcame internal conflicts in Party, Wilson was considered a bright, new leader compared to Home
    • Suez Crisis
      • Failed in aims of controlling the canal and removing Nasser form power, this damaged Eden's reputation and breakdown in health
    • General Economic Decline
      • Britain no longer world power - 'sick man of Europe 6th in world, TU - frequently lowered taxes,self-ownership of homes increased 44%, wages of workers increased by 19%
    • The Profumo Affair
      • Rumours of affair with Keeler became public 1962 who also had affair with Ivanov, admitted he lied in testimony and resigned


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