Why did the League of Nations fail?

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  • Why did the League of Nations fail?
    • Self-interest of leading members
      • At times of crisis, neither British or French governments were prepared to abandon their own self-interests to support the League
    • The absence of USA and other important countries
      • Undermined League's authorities
      • Big powers were needed to impose sanctions
      • Big countries would not listen to the League
    • Lack of troops
      • League had no armed forces of its own
      • B and F were not willing to commit troops
      • At no time did troops ever fight on behalf of the League
      • Military force was needed if economic sanctions failed
    • Economics sanctions did not work
      • Members of the League did not willingly impose sanctions because there was the worry that without USA they would not work
      • Sanctions that were imposed were easily broken
      • Therefore, League lacked muscle to enforce decisions of its Assembly and Council
    • Decisions were slow
      • Meetings were too infrequent
      • The need for all members to agree on a course of action undermined the strength of the League
    • Treaty of Versailles
      • Seen as harsh and unjust
      • Further undermined the League




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