Why Stalin emerged as leader of the USSR?

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  • Why did Stalin emerge as leader of the USSR?
    • LUCK
      • Trotsky didn't show up for Lenin's funeral
        • Stalin was able to take control over the funeral and manipulate it to his advarntage
        • Initial point of trotsky's downfall
      • Lenin's Testament wasn't published
        • Contained damning comment about Stalin.
      • Sverdlov's death enabled stalin to gain control of the party machine in one swoop.
    • Personal Characteristics and political skills
      • Stalin was manipulative and could use a situation to his advarntage
        • Lenin's funeral
      • Stalin played on Leninism to his followers to gain support
        • Was seen as one of the few leaders with proletarian roots
      • Stalin went from nothing to a dictator in about 6 years.
      • His comrades perceived him as Dull and Mediocre 'they grey blur'
        • no one saw him as a threat, became too late then to undermine him
    • Weaknesses of  opponents
      • Trotsky made no attempt to gain support, or attack stalin because he felt secure
      • Underestimated by his apponants
      • Russia was left without any direction after Lenin.
        • Socialism in one country appealed to the Burocrats
      • People wanted to catch up with other industrialized countries and Stalin was keen on industrial revolution
        • Stalin gained the majority of the votes and he seemed a steady and reliable leader


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