Why did Henry have problems achieving the annulment

A short mindmap on the reasons that Henry VIII failed to get an annulment from Catherine of Aragon

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  • Why did Henry have problems achieving the annulment
    • Religious reasons
      • There was a biblical text from the Book of Deuteronomy which claimed that a man should marry his brothers wife if she dies
      • It was clear from Leviticus that it was talking about when a brother was still alive
      • Leviticus also claimed that a man who married his brother wife would be child less. Henry had a daughter Mary (1516)
    • Catherine
      • Catherine always claimed that her marriage with Arthur had not been consummated, therefore it was not a true marriage.
      • Catherine was highly regarded at Court, compared to Anne.
      • She had always been a devoted wife despite the King's extra marital affairs and was always popular.
    • The Pope
      • He was under the control of Charles V
      • The Pope had granted Henry a special dispensation to allow Henry to marry the
    • Charles V
      • He was Catherines nephew and the most powerful man in Europe
      • In 1527 his troops captured Rome , thus the Pope was under the control of Charles V
      • Charles also defeated the French at the battle of Landriano so the Pope was forced to make peace with Charles.
        • After this Cardinal Campeggio was withdrawn from England and Henry's last chance for a divorce through the Pope had gone.


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