Why was there a rise in republicanism in the 1920s?

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  • Why was there a rise in republicanism in the 1920s?
    • personality/ approach
      • Harding's conservative and less interfering approach contrasted Wilson
      • Coolidge restored confidence after Harding's teapot dome scandal and the Ohio gang
      • Harding died in office which gained much sympathy
      • Hoover lacked appeal but was running against Democrat Roman Catholic Al Smith
    • foreign policy
      • After ww1 Harding promised return to normalcy, isolationist
      • America first
      • Neutrality acts
      • Kellogg Briand pact 1928
      • rugged individualism
    • economic policies
      • Hoovers slogan 'Less government in business and more business in government
        • Laissez faire
      • Budget bureau streamlined wasteful gov spending
      • unemployment dropped by 1/2
      • United states revenue act 1924 cut federal taxes
      • revenue act of 1926 cut personal taxes
      • Economy boomed for 8 yrs under republicanism
    • social policy
      • Urged equal political rights for African americans
        • spoke out against lynching
      • immigration act 1921 - 3% immigrants
      • coolidge echoed many of Harding's policies


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