why was the October revolution a success

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  • success of oct revolution
    • Lenin
      • he was the instigator, urged to have the revolution when they did despite opposition from Kamenev and Zinoviev
      • he was able to persuade 10/12 of the central committee of the bolshevik party
    • Popularity of Bolsheviks
      • after helping suppress kornilov coup their popularity grew
      • the Moscow municipal elections of oct. 1917 saw bolsheviks comfortable winners with 51%
      • their promises of bread peace and land appealed to many
      • they had no real oppostion when seizing key infrastructure on 24th
    • Trotsky
      • he  was the organiser
      • he planned the date of the re, making it on date of the congress of soviets meeting, he believed at this congress, they could win the support of all socialist parties, making it more of a popular revolution
      • set up the MRC on 16th oct. 48/66 were bolsheviks
    • Discontent with Prov. Gov't
      • they weren't making any decisions and kept saying they will wait for constituent assembly
      • they were carrying on with war and many people wanted to stop, esp. after summer offensive failed
      • Many distrusted Kerensky after the Kornilov coup, and some even blamed him and thought he'd planned it
      • all other political parties were included in providing. gov't so all would be blamed for their mistakes


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