Why did Henry Tudor defeat Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth?

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  • Richard III was incapable of making political peace with the nobility.
    • Why did Henry Tudor defeat Richard at the Battle of Bosworth?
      • Richard III's dynastic position was severely weakened.
        • His son died in 1484
        • His wife died in 1485
      • Some people did not support Richard as it was rumoured that he killed his wife in order to marry his niece, Elizabeth of York, whom Henry had pledged to marry.
        • His wife died in 1485
      • Not everyone agreed with Richard's claim to the throne: he had declared the two princes as illegitimate and made himself the rightful King.
      • Henry Tudor had support based in Wales, France and Brittany.
        • Crucially, two of the most powerful nobles of the northwest, Sir William Stanley and Lord Stanley, supported Henry during the Battle.
      • Richard made the fatal mistake of charging suicidally at Henry, making himself vulnerable. This decision ultimately led to his death.
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    • Many nobles did not support him due to his usurpation of the throne.
    • Some believed he murdered the Princes of the Tower.
    • They did not agree with his harsh treatment of opponents.


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