What's in a medicine?

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  • What's in a medicine?
    • carboxylic acid derivatives
      • ester
      • anhydride
      • carboxylic acid
    • acidity:alcohols less acidic than phenols - phenols less acidic than carboxylic acids
      • esterification
      • iron (iii) chloride test for phenols
      • -OH group in alcohols, phenols and carboxylic acids
    • infrared spectroscopy
    • purification of an organic acid, purification of organic liquids,heating under reflux
    • principles of green chemistry
      • enhance degradation
      • use catalysts
        • how catalysts work
        • heterogeneous and homogeneous
      • reduce energy use
      • reduce stages
      • reduce hazards
      • safer solvents
      • reduce waste
      • safer chemical process
      • atom economy
      • safer products
      • improved monitoring
    • alcohols
      • form esters: esterification with carboxylic acid or acid anhydride
      • form alkenes:dehydration - aluminium oxide and 300 degrees celcius OR conc. sulfuric acid and reflux
      • primary alcohol to aldehyde: excess alcohol, distil, H+/Cr2O7^2-
        • primary alcohol to carboxylic acid: excess H+/ Cr2O7^2-
      • secondary alcohol to ketone: H+/ Cr2O7^2-
      • nucleophilic substitution
      • ethers
    • mass spectrometry
      • relative formula mass
      • mass spectrometry for elements


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