What was the Cult of Personality?

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  • What was the Cult of Personality?
    • Stalin created the impression that he was a genius at everything.He was described as the 'Wisest man of the 20th century', the 'genius of the age'. The Soviet people were told told that he was never wrong. This protected Stalin from any further challenges.
    • He expected love and worship, not respect and obedience. Stalin made sure that everybody knew about his successes. Huge rallies were held in his honour.
    • He used many forms of propaganda to pass on the news, but his favourite form was paintings and sculptures. Thease appeared all over Russia. They showed Stalin meeting smiling people, opening factories and dams, and he always looked rather taller and fitter than he was.
    • The high point of the Cult was after the Second World War, from 1945 to 1952, when Stalin began to plan futther Purges.


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