Heros mind map

A mind map showing what the characters in the book (Heros) have lernt about them selves.

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  • what do the characters learn about themselves?
    • Nicole
      • that the world is a dangerous place
      • that she was nieve
        • but can francis forgive his self?
      • that francis wasn't to blame
    • Larry LaSalle
      • that he needs people to look up to him to make him feel good
      • he regrettes what he did to nicole and francis
      • he is destructive even though he wants to be creative
        • when Francis and Nicole looked up to him
      • that he was the happiest at the wreck centre (when he was a hero)
    • Francis
      • but can francis forgive his self?
      • that he dosn't want to be a hero
      • that he can kill
      • his idea of a hero is tainted
        • because Larry was his hero
      • that he is not fully to blame for what happend


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