What was Germany like before 1914?

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  • What was Germany like before 1914?
    • Led by Kasier(Emperor)of Germany who was most powerful figure
    • Prussia dominated imperial Germany
      • Royal family originated from Prussia and its capital Berlin of Germany 1871
      • Many people resented Prussian dominance  over Germany
    • All men over 25 had to vote.Secret ballots and new laws had to be approved by the Reichstag. Appeared democratic
    • The Reichstag had limited power over the Government.
    • Only Kasier had the right to appoint and dismiss government ministers,he had total power over the army and power to dissolve the Reichstag whenever he chose
    • Germany's economy grew considerably 1871-1914
    • By 1914 German industrial power had taken over that of Britian
    • Strengths-were science and technology.It became the scientific capital of the world;many German scientists won Nobel prizes
    • German economy was sophisticated and fast growing
    • As a result of industrial expansion-Germany's working class grew
    • Wages were low,factory discipline was harsh and housing was poor.
    • Many turned to socialism.SPD had developed the biggest and best organized socialist party in Germany
    • Germany's ruling class(Junkers,Industrial tycoons etc)hated SPD.Lived in fear of revolution
    • The Junkers, who were rich landowners from Prussia,were the most powerful in Germany.
    • There were religious divides as well as social
      • Prussia was predominantly Protestant , whereas southern states like Bavaria were mainly catholic.
        • Catholics were often treated as second class citizens


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