Weimar Republic Golden Years - Jews

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  • Politics
    • Prominent in SPD and KPD.
    • Walter Rathenau - foreign minister in 1922 and was leading member of the DDP.
    • Well established in politics before 1914.
  • Media
    • Producers and directors dominated theatre.
    • Publishing firms were powerful. Two in particular - Berliner Tageblatt and Frankfurter Zeitung.
    • Influence on the publishing of books and newspapers.
    • Theodor Wolff - editor of the Berliner and driving force behind liberal DDP.
  • Economy
    • Families such as the Rothschilds owned about half of private banks.
    • 1920s role of Jewish banks were declining
    • Firms dominated mining and steelworks.
    • considerable wealth, influence in industry (extent was exaggerated in propaganda).
  • Professions
    • More than half the doctors in 1930 were Jewish
    • Significant impact on academic life, with 9 out of 38 Nobel Prizes.
    • Very successful in law (16%)  and medicine (11%).


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