Weight Problems AQA GCSE Biology

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  • Weight Problems
    • Obesity
      • Taking in more energy than you use, the excess is stored as fat
      • Inconvenient and uncomfortable
      • More likely to die at an early age
      • Causes problems like arthritus, type 2 obesity, high blood pressure and heart disease
      • Often in developed countries
    • Lack of Food
      • Often in developing countries
      • Civil war, droughts and pests can all kill crops
      • Deficiency diseases are common when there is a lack of food because people do not get enough mineral ions or vitamins
    • Loosing Weight
      • Three main ways of loosing weight
        • Cutting back on the amount of food you eat, especially the high energy foods like biscuits
        • Increase the amount of energy you use by exercise
        • Reduce energy intake and exercise more
      • Slimming Programmes which involve meeting and eating less energy-rich foods and/or exercise
      • Exercise is good because it means you use more energy and it can also make your heart healthier. However, too much can cause other health problems
      • Fitness instructors can measure the proportion of fat in your body and advise the best way to lose weight


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