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  • Weber (1905): Rationalisation
    • what is it?
      • The process by which religious ways of thinking and acting are replaced with rational ones
        • why has this happened?
          • Western society has undergone a process of rationalisation in the last few centuries
            • what does Weber think started this process in the West?
              • The Protestant Reformation
                • what did the PR begin?
                  • The 'disenchantment' of the world
    • disenchantment
      • what worldview dominated Europe during the middle ages?
        • A medieval Catholic worldview that saw the world as an 'enchanted garden'
          • what worldview did the PR bring?
            • They began to see God as transcendent
              • God had created the world but did not intervene in it
              • what is the effect of the shift in world view ?
                • events were now explained by the predictable workings of natural forces
                  • what was needed to understand the world ?
                    • rationality. paired with science humans could understand and predict the way it works
          • how did the worldview explain events?
            • spiritual beings through their supernatural powers and miraculous interventions
    • what does Bruce (2011) argue?
      • the growth of a technological worldview has replaced religious explanations  of events
        • what has the worldview done ?
          • left little room for religious explanations in everyday life which only survives in areas that technology is least effective e.g. praying to be healed from an incurable diseases
      • scientific knowledge has not made people into atheists but the worldview it encourages results in people take religion less seriously


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