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  • Wars and reasons for British success
    • Causes, events and outcomes of wars with France
      • War of the League of Augsburg &  Spanish Succession - balance of power
    • War of the Austrian Succession (1740-8)
      • Britain too concerned with Europe to send troops Royal navy stronger  French same problem
      • French had alliances NA's (larger) but  colonists got Louisberg 1745
        • Disappointed when Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle  gave it back to France
          • Truce - immediately tried to get control of Ohio Valley
    • Albany Congress (1754)
    • Seven Years' War
      • Virginians granted 200,000 acres French there first, constructing Fort Dunesque
        • Washington forced to surrender, British sent troops but to no avail
      • Dunesque to Pitt. Clive won victories in India
    • Results of 7 years war
      • Britain largest imperial power controlled N. America, Caribbean, India.


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