war and peace

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  • war and peace
    • holy war
      • a holy war is a war fought to protect the religion of a country or a group of people.
        • a Christian example of this is the crusade
        • a Islamic example of this is jihad
      • the fighting side believes that their god or gods are on their side
    • just war
      • a just war is a war that conforms with the with the just war declaration
        • this involves....
          • war is a last resort, peaceful methods have been attempted yet unsuccessful.
          • it is fought or decalred by that of legal authoriuty, i.e. queen king
          • the intention must be to correct evil or establish good
          • justifiable reason for the war, lives threatened or overturn a dictator
          • reasonable chance of success
          • only sufficient force and no civilians should be harmed, tis means that they shouldn't go into a poorly defended country all guns blazing and shooting everything that moves
    • ww2
      • world war two could be arguablely a just war
        • this is because....
          • it was fought by Germany and the allied forces who are legal authorities
          • Germany was being attacked for invading other countries
          • all forms of negotiation with Hitler and the third Reich had failed
          • Hitler was evil


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