War and peace

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  • War and peace
    • WMD
      • Biological
        • Banned under Geneva convention
        • Uses deadly viruses to disable or kill armies
        • Enters food and water supplies which can affect the innocent
      • Nuclear
        • Affects generations of innocent people
        • Evidence of 4 generations after Hiroshima being affected by radiation
        • Governments shouldn't posses weapons that can kill so many in one blow
      • Chemical
        • Was banned in 1925 but still used by America in Vietnam
        • Can have horrible affects on the body such as choking, burning and paralysis
        • Mustard gas is absorbed into the body and has long term affects
        • Napalm sticks to your skin and burns deeper and deeper over a period of weeks
      • WMD: Weapons that can kill large numbers of people or cause great damage
      • Arguments for WMD
        • Its a deterrent E.G Trident
        • Getting rid of them will make countries vunerable
        • Getting rid of them wont stop countries making them in secrecy
        • Protects countries from attacks
      • Arguments against WMD
        • Why spend billions on killing each other when you can spend it on saving the environment
        • Inhumane killing is morally wrong
        • CND: Christian campaign for nuclear disarmament
          • Has setup protests and campaigns
    • Why wars happen
      • To gain money, land and power
      • To remove a leader or dictator
      • To defend beliefs or culture
      • To defend your country or ally
    • Teachings
      • Quakers
        • Requests the removal of all WMD
        • Pacifists
      • Islam
        • All countries with WMD must disarm them
        • War is only Justifiable if you are being oppressed or someone has started a war with you
        • You can only go to war if there is a reasonable chance of victory and is the last resort
    • Just war and holy war
      • A just war needs one of seven conditions
        • Good out weighs evil
        • Reasonable chance of succes
        • Last resort
        • Proportional responce
        • Establish good
        • Declaration by authority
        • Good outweighs the occurring bad
      • 3 condition needed for a holy war
        • Led by a holy war E.G Delai Lama in the invasion of Tibet where they protected their country
        • It must be fought in the name of God
        • Has a religious goal
    • Terrorism
      • In no religion it is  justified
      • Doesnt fit in with religious teachings
      • E.G 9/11 wasn't justified because it killed 3000 innocent civilians which were women childeren and men.
    • Islam and war
      • Islam means peace in Arabic
        • "Hate your enemy mildly as he may be your friend one day"
        • "If an enemy inclines towards peace you should have trust in Allah as he sees everything"
      • In Islam there is greater struggle which is everyday struggle which means is the ability to resist the temptation of every day things such as drinking
      • There is also lesser jihad which is the struggle in the military or in times of war
      • The rules of engagement
        • Once the enemy has laid down their weapons then all war prisoners must be released
        • You must only engage if there is a reasonable chance of success
    • Case study Tibet
      • The Tibets had to break their vows not to fight which breaks the first moral precept
      • The Chinese had  a mass genocide of the Tibetans
      • The Delai Lama fled to India where they controlled the Tibetans fighting from a safe location
    • Red Cross
      • Over 20,000,000 world wide volunteers
      • Total number of donations received £400,000
      • Over 4,000,000 million people currently people being treated



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