War and peace

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  • War & Peace
    • Causes of war
      • Economic
      • Moral
      • Religious
      • Social or Political
    • Just war theory
      • A war that the  Christian church defines as acceptable
      • 1. Just cause
      • 2. Right intention
      • 3. Leader
      • 4. Last resort
      • 5. Controlled violence
      • 6. Reasonable chance success
      • 7. Proportional force
    • Holy war
      • Must achieve religious goal
      • Authorised by religious leader
      • Spiritual war those who fight
    • Jihad
      • Jihad= 'Struggle in the was of Allah'
      • Greater= Struggle to become a better muslim
      • Lesser= Military struggle to defend Islam
        • Muslim version of just war theory
    • Pacifism
      • The belief of people who refuse to take part in war and any other form of violence
      • Conscientious objector= people who object to fighting in a war because its against their conscience
    • WMD
      • Weapons Mass Destruction
      • Make world safer as they wont fight
      • Kill innocent people
      • Break just war rules & Geneva conventions
    • Geneva conventions
      • Rules about war and the treatment of prisoners and civilians
      • Protect war victims; sick & wounded, shipwrecked,prisioners of war
    • UN
      • Set up end WW2 to prevent war and promote peace
      • does things to help other countrys sends peace keepers
    • Responses to war
      • Red Cross= original duty was to care for those who where wounded, sick, or homeless in wartime
      • Red crescent=  founded to protect human life and healf
      • The Dalai Lama
      • Irena Sendler


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