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  • Walton-on-the-Naze
    • Intro
      • Coastal town in Essex
        • Suffers from coastal erosion due to the rock types that make up the cliff- easily eroded by the sea
          • London Clay
          • Red Crag
          • Suffer from slumping- makes the defence more complex
            • LD moves sand along the coastline south-> north
              • Can be split in 2 distinct areas
                • Northern end of the coastline
                  • Hasn't been protected yet, as the EA doesn't consider the buildings there worth saving
                    • Grade II listed Tower
                    • Several houses on Old Hall Lane
                • Southern end of the coastline
                  • Has been protected due to the coastal town of Walton with a pop of 12000
    • Major project on the south of the coastline
      • 1977
      • Seawall
        • At the bottom of the regraded cliff
          • To protect the London Clay
      • Breakwaters
        • Large groynes
          • Placed at regular intervals because of the power of the LD
      • Groynes
        • Help to stop LD+ keep the beach in place
      • Cliff regrading
        • To produce a gentler slope- stops slumping
        • Drainage channels
          • Allow water to flow underground through special tunnels+ out onto the beach through holes in seawall
        • The regraded cliff was planted with a variety of shrubs+ trees to stop people from scrambling on it
          • E.g. gorse+ nettles at the side of the path
      • To protect the properties on the cliff, e.g. Sunny Point road
        • Average house price of 400000 pounds
      • Rip-rap
        • 1998
          • The council paid 167,000  pounds for 300 tonnes of Leicester granite to be placed around the Tower breakwater
            • Slowed down erosion, but hasn't stopped it
    • Northern part
      • Beach replenishment in front of the cliffs
        • 1999
          • Sand+ gravel dredged from Harwich Harbour
            • Had been removed by 2003




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