Voting Overview

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    • How people vote is a complex issue, with many different ways in which people can make up their minds.
      • Class, gender, age. ethnicity and geography all play a significant role in determining how a person may vote, and parties will seek to 'win' these groups, rather than the whole electorate.
    • Who votes is the most important aspect in explaining electoral successes and failures. The young, the poor, the black and other ethnic minority groups are least likely to vote, while older, white and more prosperous citizens are more likely to vote - which explains why successful parties tend to tailor their message to these groups.
    • The party leader has taken on a far more prominent role in political elections in recent years. This has  coincided wit ha rise in presidential-style politics and spatial leadership.
    • The media plays an increasingly important role in politics and election campaigns. The shape political discussion and may be able to influence the outcome of elections.
    • Beyond elections, the media holds political figures to account and acts as a check on government but they have all played a role in undermining the reputation of politics in the UK.


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