Types of Religious Experiences

Types of Religious Experiences
- direct
- indirect
- voices
- visions  

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  • Types Of Religious Experiences
      • person encounters God in a direct way
        • St Bernadette of Lourdes: had numerous visions of Virgin Mary.
          • in one vision: told to dig into the ground @ the feet of Mary- mountain spring discovered. many people now visit spring to pray/bathe in water which is reported to heal visitors
      • Swinburne    (The Existence of God):         non describable experiences- god is revealed to people and such experiences are beyond human description
        • Teresa of Avila: mystic from Spain- recieved many experiences of God where she was conscious of him & had physical reactions to the presence of christ
      • experiences which make an individual focus on god
        • e.g beauty & nature inspire thoughts/ feelings/ appreciation of god as a creator
          • Neil Armstrong: saw earth from the moon and stated that he no longer BELIEVED God existed for he now KNEW god existed
      • Swinburne (The Existence of God): ordinary experiences- where natural events are interpreted as having religious meaning
        • C.Stephen Evans: 'monist' experiences- feel a sense of unity creating a sense of 'otherness'
      • God/The Divine is seen.
      • information may be revealed; noetic/ revelatory
      • intellectual vision: experience rather than 'observation'
      • Corporeal Vision: knowledge is communicated
      • Imaginative Vision: occur in dreams
    • VOICES
      • communication of knowledge- voice heard is linked to God
      • shows the presence of God
      • voice communicates a revelation from god: noetic, messages reveals God's wishes
      • Authoritative: passes on God's authority
  • Corporeal Vision: knowledge is communicated


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