Violence in The Bloody Chamber (collection as a whole) Quotes

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  • Violence in The Bloody Chamber
    • The Bloody Chamber
      • 'impaled a dozen brides'
      • 'his stranglers fingers'
      • 'single irreproachable bullet through my husbands head'
    • The Courtship of Mr Lyon
      • 'angry lion'
      • 'rumbling growl'
    • The Tigers Bride
      • '***** my finger ... all smeared with blood'
      • 'tongue ripped off my skin'
    • The Erl King
      • 'Erl-King will do you grievous harm'
      • 'sink your teeth into my throat an make me scream'
      • 'I shall strangle him'
    • The Snowchild
      • '*****s her finger ... bleeds, screams; falls'
      • 'thrusts his virile member into the dead girl'
    • The Lady of The House of Love
      • 'Queen of terror'
      • 'Grim reaper'
    • The Werewolf
      • 'seized her knife'
      • 'slashed off its right forepaw'
    • The Company of Wolves
      • 'forest assassins'
      • 'tore off the eldest boys left foot''
      • 'slit his throat'
    • Wolf Alice
      • ''poked her with sticks'
      • 'corpse eater'
      • 'silver bullet bites his shoulder'


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