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  • Variation
    • Types of variation
      • Discontinuous
        • The information is put into a bar chart
        • This kind of variation is one of a number of groups
        • e.e.  Blood groups or being able to roll your tongue
      • Continuous
        • e.e. Height, temperature or mass
        • The information is put into a histogram
    • Reproduction
      • Sexual reproduction
        • Genetically unique gametes (sex cells) e.g. egg and sperm
        • Offspring genetically different from parents
        • There are 2 parents
        • Fertilization occurs joining 2 gametes to produce a new cell with a new set of pairs of chromosones
        • Leads to variation
      • Sexual reproduction
        • No gametes involved so nothing is fertilized
        • Offspring genetically identical to parent. Offspring called CLONES
        • 1 Parent
        • No variation in offspring
    • Mutations
      • Some mutations are beneficial (helpful)
      • Mutations occur at random
      • Some mutations are dangerouse
      • Mutations are changes in the DNA of genes
      • Ionising radiation  increase the rate of mutations
      • The greater the dose of the radiation, the greater the chance of mutation
      • Cystic fibrosis
        • Some mutations  cause conditions which can be inherited  like cystic fibrosis
        • Gene therapy
          • How does it work?
            • The gene for normal mucus production must enter the lung tissue
            • Getting the gene into the lungs of a sufferer of cystic fibrosis using an inhaler
            • The cells produce a normal amount and thickness of mucus
            • Finding, isolating and removing the gene for normal mucus production
          • Problem with gene therapy?
            • The treatment is not a cure - it just makes symptoms better
            • The genes might not express themselves (not work)
            • It must be repeated regularly
            • The genes might not enter the cells which produce mucus
          • Gene therapy is a temporary cure
        • Sufferers fromsystic fibrosis produce thick mucus which blocks bronchioles
        • It arises as a mutation
        • It is inherited as an recessive allele




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